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We are committed to giving back to you for the sacrifices you made for us in battle. Our mission is to aid you in the process to receive the VA disability benefits that you are eligible for by providing you a Nexus Letter, as required by the VA.

Consult with Our Advisors regarding any inquiries you may have about obtaining a Nexus Letter.

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Receive a free medical screening from one of our healthcare professionals.

Step 2:

Submit the necessary paperwork

Step 3:

The Nexus Document Is On Its Way To You.

No financial commitment is required.

If you would like to determine whether we can assist you in writing your supporting Nexus Letter, you can fill out a brief overview of your situation and speak for free with one of our knowledgeable staff members. There is no cost or commitment needed at this stage. A fee only applies for our full case review, which can be seen on  the complete case review page.